Home birth is a personal, private, and spiritual in nature. You as the individual decide who will attend your birth. Individuals that choose to have a home birth accept that pain is a part of the process of natural birth but that it depends how one perceives and copes with the pain. The process involves going through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges. Many feel empowered after meeting this challenge and feel accomplished because of their own decision making in the birth experience. Home birth also involves low interventions which allows each person to birth how God intended while reducing interference in the process that can hamper labor progress.

As a nurse-midwife my job is to support you throughout your labor and continually assess your labor pattern and progress. Your own body and intuition will guide you and I support you in this natural process. I help you make decisions based upon evidenced based practice and make suggestions to help you progress in labor. I do not perform interventions without your permission unless it is deemed a medical emergency.

Is it safe?

Short answer is yes for those that qualify as low-risk. A risk assessment is performed every trimester to continue to determine safety of home birth. Conditions that are not appropriate for home birth entail Diabetes Mellitus, Epilepsy, Confirmed HIV, Insulin Dependent gestational diabetes, uncontrolled pregnancy induced hypertension, oligohydramnios, thromboembolic disease, Rh sensitization, Multiple pregnancy, premature labor before 36 weeks gestation, presentations not compatible with vaginal delivery. At this time, I am not taking VBAC clients in the home setting either. Please refer to my resource page on links to safety of midwifery and home birth. It is a personal decision in which all risks and benefits will be discussed for each unique individual. I do consult with other nurse practitioners and doctors in town when needed. I also can collaborate with your primary doctor when needed. If I assess a pregnancy to be out of the scope of a home birth I refer and follow-up to make sure appropriate care is received.

What supplies do you bring to the birth?

I carry many medical supplies into the home setting in case of emergency interventions. There are two major concerns for birth bleeding of mother and the newborn having troubles bleeding. I carry an oxygen tank and resuscitation equipment, antihemorrhagic medications, supplies for monitoring blood pressure, fetal heartbeat, and oxygen saturation. I also carry antibiotics for group B strep management in labor. If a laceration occurs I have equipment for suturing for 1st and 2nd degree tears. I refer for 3rd and 4th.  I basically have all the equipment a birth center would have and take it to your home. If you have any other questions about supplies just ask.