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Amber Zimmer APRN, MSN, CNM, CLC

Amber is a nurse-midwife providing home birth services and women’s health to clientele in Casper, Glenrock, Douglas, Midwest, Kaycee, Alcova and surrounding areas.

Empowering women to achieve health and wellness

My mission is to equip women with knowledge and autonomy in order to promote optimal health and wellness. Each person deserves to be treated in a holistic manner which includes spiritual, physical, social, mental and emotional dimensions. Midwifery care provides this platform for personalized informative care.

My role as a nurse-midwife includes taking care of women from adolescence to menopause and beyond from family planning, to birth, to hormone replacement therapy. I cherish the time I spend with my clients and their families.

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Free Consultation

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Well Women's/Annuals

Health history, Complete head to toe physical, breast exam, pelvic exam, and pap smear. May also include laboratory testing and wellness counseling.

Home Birth

Initial risk assessment, labor and delivery in the home setting. Providing the mother with individualized education, counseling, and prenatal care along with labor and delivery services while minimizing invasive interventions.

Family Planning Services

Counseling on NFP, hormonal birth control, barrier devices, and the normal menstrual cycle.  One visit for educational purposes second visit for initiation of preferred method.

Newborn Care

Newborn exam, metabolic screening, hearing screening and normal newborn care for the first 30 days of life.

Life Care

Health maintenance and disease prevention, acute illness, gynecological visits.


Although at the time of my son’s birth Amber was just in training, she did do an amazing job and helped me every step of the way and I had a very successful home birth!

Lisa Marie Smith

Amber is great!

Sally Johnson

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